Honeycomb Shibori Scarf : Indigo Blue

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The Scarf

Shibori (しぼり / 絞り) is a Japanese manual resist dyeing technique, which produces a number of different patterns on fabric.  Hachinosu  (蜂の巣, "Hachinosu") is Japanese for "beehive" or "honeycomb" .   This scarf is produced using Hachinosu dyeing technique involves binding the fabric into a roll, the fabric is then dipped  into fermented vat of indigo dye.  Resulting in this shunning honeycomb pattern on the fabric.
Shibori scarf are 100% cotton  and hand dyed.   Patterns vary from scarf to scarf, as each scarf is dyed individually therefore unique.  

What You Get
A unique shibori scarf with Stripes with Fringe.   Colour is indigo

Why We Love It
The one off scarf is hand dyed with non-toxic dye,  in Queensland by us.  The scarf is a totally awesome way to jazz up for your outfit.  

Length: 200cm
Width: 50cm


Fabric: 100% light weight cotton voile with a fringe.

Use & Care
Gentle hand wash and hang dry. Wash separately.  Dry in the shade.  Iron with gentle settings.


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