Arashi Shibori Scarf : Indigo Blue

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The Scarf

Shibori (しぼり / 絞り) is a Japanese manual resist dyeing technique, which produces a number of different patterns on fabric.  Arashi (Japanese for "storm") shibori a pole-wrapping technique. The cloth is wrapped around a pole and then tightly bound by wrapping thread.  The fabric is then dipped into fermented vat of indigo dye.   Resulting in this shunning honeycomb pattern on the fabric.

Shibori scarf are 100% cotton  and hand dyed.   Patterns vary from scarf to scarf, as each scarf is dyed individually therefore unique.  

What You Get
A unique shibori scarf with Stripes with Fringe.   Colour is indigo

Why We Love It
The one off scarf is hand dyed with non-toxic dye,  in Queensland by us.  The scarf is a totally awesome way to jazz up for your outfit.  

Length: 200cm
Width: 50cm


Fabric: 100% light weight cotton voile with a fringe.

Use & Care
Gentle hand wash and hang dry. Wash separately.  Dry in the shade.  Iron with gentle settings.


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