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About your kit:

Our natural indigo dye kit is a great kit to introduce you to the magic of nature’s beautiful blues!
This kit includes pure, natural indigo dye, that can be used in the ‘reduction’ process.   

In your kit you will find:

(Small Kit) 

  • 25g Plant based Indigo powder
  • 80g oxygen reducing agent (Sodium Hydrosulphite)
  • 160g Soda Ash
  • Gloves 
  • Cotton Bag (can be dyed)
  • instructions on how to create a indigo vat

(Large Kit) 

  • 50g Plant based Indigo powder
  • 160g oxygen reducing agent (Sodium Hydrosulphite)
  • 320g Soda Ash
  • Gloves 
  • Cotton Bag (can be dyed)
  • instructions on how to create a indigo vat

What can I dye? 

Natural Fibres : Silk, wool, cotton, bamboo, linen, hemp, any natural fibre. 

How much can I dye ?
Up to 500g (small kit) or 1 kilo (large kit) of Natural fibres; fabric or yarn 

500g is approximately (roughly 2 meters of linen or similar plant-based fibre & animal fibre).

Who is this kit suitable for?

This is our plant based indigo kit. It is quick to set up and maintain and easy to use. An ideal introduction to indigo for beginners.

For a complete beginner, with the comprehensive instructions included in the kit you should be able to set up a successful vat and produce stunning fabrics, yarns and fibres.

What else will I need?

  • A bucket 
  • small bowls (old cups) to mix soda ash & indigo 
  • stirrer 
  • Just some basic equipment most of which you may already have. Please note that any utensils/dishes used for dyeing should not be used for cooking food afterwards:

To care for your dyed piece;

  • machine wash cold 
  • wash with a gentle eco-friendly detergent 
  • hand to dry, dry in the shade


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